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Know more with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Presence closes the gap of the known and unknown of weekly church attendance.

As families become increasingly mobile and drawn in many directions, it becomes essential for church leaders to have tools which help them to more effectively shepherd and understand their congregations.

Using existing Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi Presence helps bring new visibility to church attendance, enabling churches to know individual attendance trends, even for those who might fall through the cracks of other traditional attendance systems such as connection cards and check-ins.


It's Easy To Get Started

Rich Location Attendance Data

• Get accurate Attendance Metrics; arrival and departure times, frequency of visits, attendance trends, and more

• Discover Traffic Flow trends across both primary and satellite church campuses

• Track event and campaign results; identify church visitors and members



• Works with congregations of all sizes, from community churches to multi-site churches

• API options available to optimize integration

• Tracks daily activity and weekend services


Easy Integration

• Connects with popular, modern Church Management Systems

• Use your existing, compatible Wi-Fi Network

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