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About Cohorts

Do you love to learn, consider what others are doing and talk about it with other like-minded ministry leaders?  Ministry Dynamics cohorts are made for the kind of leader that is always asking "what if" and is seeking ways to make ministry more effective.  

The cohorts are all on Zoom, meet twice a month for 60-90 minutes and are conversational in nature.  These are not to teach you, but to expose you to new ideas and give the cohort a chance to unpack and discuss.  You'll build relationships, challenge and encourage each other and have the opportunity to process how your church is engaging in your mission.

"I've received so much value from the ministry cohorts Derek has facilitated. He points us to great resources and helps draw out the wisdom of the group. I always leave encouraged and with practical ideas I can implement in my ministry context."
Dave Wheeler, Pastor @ Sonora Community Church

Upcoming Cohorts

Four Things Cohort
Next Launch April 2024. Register

One thing about churches is almost universally true.  Churches are busy.  One of my pastors once said, "Sunday comes every four days and Easter comes every three months."  Worship services. Classes. Groups. Men. Women. Students. Kids. Outreach. Service. Missions.  And probably you're busy too!  

Is all that busy-ness leading to changed lives?  If you're like many pastors, you want more of your time and effort to lead to changed lives -- people coming to faith and growing.  

This cohort will focus on four foundational things found in the Gospels: Invite, connect, apprentice and send.  Most churches focus on one or two of these areas (research suggests grow and retain) and may neglect or under-resource others.  This cohort will examine the model and each of the four priorities to help us pursue Great Commission mandates in our local contexts.  As a result, we think you'll be encouraged and challenged to evaluate the effort of the church in all these areas.

If you're feeling stuck in the ministry and know that your church is made for so much more, take this opportunity to join with other pastors, reinforce mission and mandates, reconsider models and methods and do so in an encouraging and strengthening environment.

Groups Ministry Leaders
Next Launch June 2024. Pre-Register

Join with other groups ministry leaders to discuss opportunities, skills and best practices for leading your church's groups ministries.  We will consider various groups models, discuss leadership development and participant recruitment.  Be ready for your next groups launch with a fresh outlook and new ideas.

Developing Your Potential
Next Launch September 2024. Pre-Register

You're gifted.  You're educated.  You're experienced.  But you're often feeling pulled in too many directions and trying to do everything that your life demands is overwhelming.  We only have so much of our essential resources (Time, Talent, Treasure and Torque) and we can use them wisely.  In this cohort, sharpen the blade and take a step back to consider your whole life and how to align your life, relationships and ministry.

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